Care Plus TLC provides a higher level of In-Home Speciality Services such as LVAD, Home Infusion Therapy, Trach/Vent and more.

Specialty Care Services

Care Plus TLC considers your preferences and matches your caregiver accordingly. All caregivers (Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants) with insured and undergo thorough interviewing, testing, training and background checks. Our Nurse Supervisors manage all caregivers and each client case.

Our Services

Home Infusion Therapy

Home infusion has been proven to be a safe and effective alternative to inpatient care for many disease states and therapies. For many patient/clients, receiving treatment at home is preferable.

For Home infusion Therapy you or your physician may contact Care Plus TLC today 616-884-5401
Your loved one may still be able to remain in their home. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about options provided by Care Plus TLC. Ask for a FREE Consultation Assessment.


Care Plus TLC Clinical Staff has the specific knowledge base required when caring for heart transplant (LVAD) Left Ventricular Assist Device individuals. Knowing you have the right support helps reduce anxiety and stress throughout the transplant process.

G-Tube: Gastrostomy Tube (G-Tube) Home Care

  • Tube Feeding

  • Care of the G-Tube Site

  • Flushing of the G-Tube

  • Giving Medications

  • Venting of the G-Tube

  • Tube placement verification

  • Specific knowledge base regarding possible problems


You can be confident when transitioning home that our nurses are highly skilled in Trach/Vent care. We work closely with your respiratory therapy specialists to ensure a smooth transition into the home environment. We ALWAYS provide back-up systems for redundancy in case of any emergency. Our trustworthy, knowledgeable care helps reduce anxiety and stress related to “fear of system failure”.

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