Care Plus TLC is family & physician owned having over 25 years of successful business in Michigan, we bring a higher standard of care into your home.

Choose Us Because:

Our skilled, knowledgeable, nurses and caregivers have a proven track record:

  • Improving wellbeing and quality of life
  • Working with you toward increased mobility
  • Knowing how to help families and individuals cope with difficult life transitions

We help you achieve attainable goals toward regaining independence.

  • You can receive skilled nursing services – in the comfort of your home.
  • We help reduce hospitalization and nursing home stays.
  • We also provide ongoing Needs Assessment/Analysis to assist in Reduction of Life Care Costs without compromising quality of care


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It is our goal to provide an in-home care environment that is as close to “normal” as possible. We encouraging our clients to progress toward the highest level of pre-accident independence.

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We understand the importance of trusting your choice of home care providers when transitioning your patients into the home environment. Care Plus TLC has earned the trust of Discharge Planners throughout the Lower Michigan Peninsula. Your patients have a right to choose… so please consider us when giving them a choice.

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Medical colleagues recognize an unparalleled commitment to mission, vision and the standard of care that physician ownership provides. Care Plus TLC is family and physician owned.

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It is our goal to provide an in-home care environment that is as close to “normal” as possible while encouraging progress toward pre-accident abilities.

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